Quitalease Buyer Agreement

This buyer’s agreement aims to provide information regarding car leasing via our platform.

We have strived with our utmost efforts to disclose the latest and the most accurate information hereto; however, any inaccuracy will be dealt with diligently.

Quitalease is the most dependable and genuine platform in the United States that helps you to achieve your goal of lease transfer or lease cancellation.

If you are serious about taking over a car lease and looking online for a reliable platform for that purpose, Quitalease is here to assist you. Our platform is particularly developed to unite lease sellers and buyers who need each other to fulfill their goals. With Quitalease, you save your time, money, and effort to connect with the right buyers or sellers in the marketplace.

The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Quitalease is that our services are different from others in terms of speed, listings, and customers’ satisfaction. With our large online database consisting of listings of both lease buyers and sellers, customers can view detailed information regarding listed vehicles. The vivid images provide an accurate view of a listed vehicle to match your needs. That way, the platform helps buyers to search and select a car that matches their taste and requirement. Select one of our listed cars with impeccable condition from Quitalease!

Since most lease buyers are looking for a lower lease payment option, if you don’t meet the minimum credit requirements or not able to provide an incentive to buyers, they will be reluctant to take your ad seriously. This helps you overcome this weakness or gap, Quitalease provides a platform that helps you to offer an incentive to buyers to make your car lease deal more competitive and attractive. That way, we enhance your chances of getting rid of your car lease with an attractive offer seller can’t refuse.

Many leasing firms offer full lease transfers as well as lease assumptions such as:

  • Mercedes-Benz Financial
  • BMW Financial
  • Mini Financial
  • Rolls Royce Financial
  • Lexus Financial
  • Toyota Financial
  • Ford Motor Credit
  • Ally Bank, and US Bank

Some leasing companies add buyers as a guarantor and add a new lease to your account. Such companies include:

  • Nissan Motors
  • Honda Financial
  • VW Credit

However, some firms do not allow lease transfer such as:

  • Hyundai/Kia Motors
  • Chase Bank

We recommend you carefully study the transfer rules and any limitations while listing your vehicle. Most leasing companies normally ask you to pay a fee for transferring the lease to another individual. However, Quitalease does not takes into account the transfer restrictions of the availability of each listed vehicle. On our online system, we do not claim that every vehicle is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

To define how the lease initiation process initiates, the following things must be kept in mind. The process begins when:

  • The seller has opted for initiating the transfer.
  • The buyer has requested to start the transfer process.
  • Both buyers and sellers have mutually agreed on proceeding with the transfer process.
  • The buyer receives the leasing company’s credit application from the seller
  • The leasing company receives the buyer’s credit application.

Moreover, Quitalease does not claim that using our online system, you will find a vehicle to take over on lease.

Note: All the users of Quitalease are informed that they should first carefully understand the lease assumption policies and limitations of the leasing company before any lease transfer transaction via our website. You should go through the assumptions, but not limited to monthly payments policies, inception charges, taxes, terms, extra mileage rules, actual mileage, and total allowed mileage to make a wise decision. Quitalease does not provide any guarantees of the listed options.

For successfully proceeding with the lease transfer, each party requires providing essential information including their company name, phone number, address, email, car’s details and description, and other necessary data. The Quitalease accepts information from a large number of users on its online platform. However, the platform does not take any responsibility to test the accuracy of the data provided online. Quitalease does not endorse current lessees or any prospective lessees. The information provided by the buyers and sellers is exchanged between the two and they can contact each other using their data. However, the vehicle’s owner has the right to test, deny, or approve the lease transfer request.

Quitalease offers its online services to both businesses and individuals. An individual who is bound by the buyer’s agreement has to be an officer of his organization. Only a legally-authorized agent of his enterprise can work under the applicable laws. For finance companies, a business lease is guaranteed by an officer of an organization who meets their criteria. However, Quitalease can limit to offer its services to any party anytime who inappropriately uses this service.

Quitalease respects its users’ privacy according to its Privacy Policy. If you deem any clause to be inaccurate or inappropriate in the policy, then please bring it to our knowledge by sending an objection copy to our customer support manager.

You hereby give a warranty that:

  • You have all the rights and permissions to send us the detailed information.
  • You also provide Quitalease the right to collect and share your information with other leasing companies.

By accepting our policies, you give us a right to communicate with the leasing companies on your behalf. Therefore, you agree to release our service from all the costs, expenses, demands, claims, and attorney fees resulting from deletion, movement, or transfer of your information. That applies also to your officers, directors, contractors, employees, and agents.


Quitalease service is only available for non-commercial users. All the data or information on this online platform is owned by Quitalease or its authorized personnel. All such information is also protected by the United States copyright regulations, different copyright legislation, as well as by international conventions. With your limited rights hereafter, you may not display, transfer, distribute, sell, reproduce, or exploit the information or materials on the site. You are allowed to print or display a webpage by copying it on your website for non-commercial purposes. However, you are not allowed to reproduce any content or data on our website without the owner’s permission. Moreover, without the owner’s proper consent. You are not permitted to distribute or store any major portioning of our material except for “Affiliate Marketing Services” or “Send this page to a friend feature”.

Interactive Areas

The users of this site who are 18 years or older are provided convenient ways to speed up the process of leasing. Quitalease does not validate the correctness of any information transmitted through the Message Center. Please utilize this forum respectfully by using your best judgment and refrain from using any abusive or vulgar language. Using the Message Center for promotional or advertising, not associated with listings on the site, is strictly prohibited.

The number of listings and the service type does not permit the company to track various messages sent using the Message Center. Although, please contact one of our customer service representatives if you observe any indecent material. Quitalease has the power to remove, transfer, or alter any defamatory message that may be considered inappropriate or against its agreement.


Quitalease DOES NOT assess any car listing information posted on the website. You may read a vehicle listing before our staff reviews them. This section of the website can contain information from many people and firms in addition to Quitalease.

However, the correctness of the listed item is not guaranteed by Quitalease. Each user is responsible for listing the right information on Quitalease.com. You are solely liable for posting any entries. By posting on Quitalease.com, you must agree not to publish or transmit any information that is deemed as abusive, coarse, threatening, deceiving, or illegitimate that breaches the rights of other people or that hinder the ability of other users to use our services.

Quitalease holds the authority to disallow any access to anyone who we believe has disobeyed such conditions or any other ones in the agreement. However, our company cannot verify all the entries on our platform; we have the authority to remove, alter, or move any listings that are considered unacceptable or unprofessional, for legal or any other reason.

In the ordinary state of affairs, Quitalease will not review the data of private digital messages not related to our website Quitalease.com. However, Quitalease.com will obey and respect the provisions of the legislation concerning revealing such information to others that may include law enforcing organizations.

Furthermore, the users are not allowed to use our website for purposes that violate the trademark, intellectual property rights, or copyrights of any individual or organization. By listing vehicles on QutiALease, users are showing that they own their information or the data, or are submitting this particular information after taking permission from the vehicle owners.

Communication During Transaction

Quitalease is not a part of any real transaction between buyers and sellers or transaction parties. Our company has no control over the quality, security, or legality of any of the vehicles or assets listed on the platform. The accuracy or correctness of the information regarding all your leased assets, all liabilities, or of the prospective new lessees to assume such Leased Asset.

Our company also does not claim that any of the two parties involved in transactions will complete a Lease transfer successfully. In case of any dispute or conflict between two parties involved in a transfer transaction, Quitalease, and its personnel, officials, directors, affiliates, and agents are free from all claims, damages, and demands resulting from any of these disputes.

Also, any new or current buyers and sellers are advised to negotiate the potential transfer transactions anonymously. Accordingly, for such parties, a risk of acting under pretense remains alive. Quitalease users are not able to confirm the identity of any other user or who or what they claim to be. We recommend you use this website cautiously.

Quitalease does not provide any guarantees to its users about the truthfulness, correctness, or reliability of any information posted on the website by other parties. That solely holds you responsible for including any illegitimate or inappropriate information on the platform, because you will do that at your own risk.

Moreover, the people who will be using our platform shall be solely responsible for any possible damages resulting from infringement of copyrights, trademarks, proprietary rights, or any other damage resulting from the posting or uploading of such materials.

Moreover, you are not permitted to include or post any other products or items on our website other than vehicle listings. You are not liable to pay us any transaction fee for lease transfer transactions because it could cause us to violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation.

By using our website, you will also agree not to participate in any acts which may undermine the credibility of our website or the online platform, or the feedback system. For example, negative feedback regarding any user who unsuccessfully performs some action that is outside the scope of the Lease Transfer transaction is not advisable.


All the transactions and terminations need the approval of the Financial Institutions or the leasing companies mentioned in the advertisement or the contract. Some institutions ask for fees for transferring a lease that is different from payments made to a Quitalease. Hence, you are solely on your own regarding this act.

The lease transfer, according to the definition, starts when the car is listed on our website or it is deleted from the listing whenever a vehicle is taken over by a buyer. Or, when the seller asks to initiate the transfer, or the buying party begins the process, or both start the process upon mutual agreement.

It is the responsibility of the seller to provide the buying party with the credit data of the leasing company. The credit application is given to the buyer by the leasing firm; then, the buyer turns in the application to the leasing firm or whatever is required to start the process.

During the transfer, equity transfer can happen, a lease expectation, or including a buyer in the contract. It also involves car selling, the car’s transfer, or as soon as a seller gives ownership to the buyer.

For contacting the seller, buyers who are in the process of verifying their credit, who is misconceiving by our company as a result of but not confined to the verification of the credit card, and the ongoing advertisement of the car on our website.


Quitalease does not allow any spamming activity. You must not collect any e-mail addresses via our online platform for such purposes. By listing your material to our platform, you are permanently granting Quitalease the rights to all your data in addition to the rights to change the information/material or to commercially utilize it.

This agreement is constructed according to the laws of the State of Florida. Using this service means that you abide by the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the state and federal courts in Miami-Dade County, Florida in all disputes is arising out of or relating to this Agreement.

I hereby certify that I am an adult above 21 years and I have read the website’s agreement and have accepted all of its terms and conditions before I can proceed to enter this Agreement.