How Lease Transfer Works with QuitALease

Are you worried about exiting your car lease because lease termination could badly affect your credit rating? Well, there’s a simpler way to get out of a car lease without paying the termination fee or dropping your credit rating; it’s called QuitALease.

Step: 1

Post Your Ad on QuitALease

You start by posting your car lease ad on QuitALease. Providing a detailed ad could largely improve your chances of finding more buyers.
Step: 2

Reply to Offers

Keep your eyes on the messages in your QuitALease inbox. Pick the buyer that you find most appropriate for the transfer.
Step: 3

Initiate Lease Transfer

The lease Buyer submits a credit application with the leasing company. During this phase, the eligibility of the buyer to take over the lease is checked. If the application is approved, lease transfer documents are prepared and sent to both the lease buyers and the sellers.
Step: 4

Complete the Transfer

Papers once signed, are returned to the leasing company while the keys are turned to the buyer. The new lessee is now responsible for the remainder of the car lease.