Quitalease Listing Agreement

Welcome to QuitALease.com. Kindly read the Listing Agreement and clauses therein carefully.

The Listing Agreement, hereby, shall be referred to as “Agreement”, QuitALease.com as “The Company”, the customer (you) as the “Seller.”

If you disagree with the Agreement stated, in any shape or form, do not list your automobile on QuitALease’s website.

This webpage affirms that the Seller agrees to use the services and to list their product for advertising and communication. The Company hereby mentioned is hosted at QuitALease.com.

By using The Company’s services, you agree to accept terms stated in Listing Agreement. You also concur to abide by statements listed in Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

At QuitALease, users can post a lease transfer ad, take over a lease by contacting one of the “Lease Sellers,” participate in polling or even subscribe to our newsletter. The personally identifiable information collected through our pages includes name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information, fax number, and information regarding your interest in our products and services.

To register as a buyer, users could be asked for their contact information like name, phone number, and email address, and sensitive information like credit card details and demographic information.

QuitALease.com is an online platform that matches people intending to quit their lease with those who are looking to take over one.

QuitAlease.com endeavors to carefully sift ads that are relevant for the right lease buyers. Our mission is not just to be the no. 1 auto lease transfer marketplace, but to be the best in the industry.

QuitALease identifies individuals who want to take over a person’s lease that comes along with smaller payments and a shorter lease period. Or if the priority is no upfront payments, that can be arranged as well. We at QuitALease facilitate our customers with a platform that provides a marketplace between lease sellers and buyers. This is what differentiates QuitALease from the rest.

Our goal is to make this transfer as easy as possible. You can start by posting your car lease listing on QuitALease. A detailed and comprehensive ad improves the chances of getting more potential buyers. The next step is to reply to offers. Keep an eye on your QuitALease inbox and pick the buyer that suits you the most. This follows the initiation of the lease transfer. The Buyer puts up a credit application with the leasing company. The buyer is then checked for verification of credit. The transaction only proceeds ahead when the buyer meets the minimum requirement for the credit limit. If approved, lease transfer documents are sent to both parties (seller and the buyer).

Once approved and signed by both parties, the documents are returned to the leasing company and the keys are formally given to the buyer. The new lessee is deemed responsible for the upkeep for the remainder of the car lease period.

NOTE: Most of the leasing companies will allow you full lease transfers. Some of these companies include Mercedes Benz, Ally, Ford Motor, Toyota, Lexus, and Rolls Royce. Others will approve a transfer only if you add a new lessee and list yourself as a guarantor. This includes companies such as VW, Honda, and Nissan Motors. A few companies do not allow lease transfers at all such as KIA Motors, Chase, and Hyundai.

DISCLAIMER: Kindly verify the concerned leasing company’s transfer policies before you list your vehicle.

The lease companies will levy a small fee to transfer a lease. This goes out of the pocket of the buyer. Keep in mind that advertising your leased car does not result in any successful transfer or guarantee of a buyer. All processed fees are non-refundable.

Copyrights & Ownership

QuitALease is for personal, single-user, and non-commercial use only. The Company retains rights of materials on its property and is protected under U.S. copyright laws. The contents including multimedia and textual content are protected by U.S laws and foreign laws. Unauthorized use of QuitALease’s online presence including its copyrights will violate international laws and U.S copyright laws. You may not sell or modify any material or reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute, or otherwise use any material in any way for any public or commercial purpose without prior written permission from QuitALease.

QuitALease.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for the actions of the consumers of this website. In case of any dispute between the user and other customers of the website resulting from the use of QuitALease, the user hereby releases the QuitALease employees, officers, and directors of any claims, suits, damages, causes of action, and demands arising from such a dispute.

If you list your car, we have additional distribution rights through third-party affiliates. QuitALease will not charge you for additional exposure and continues to give this service as an extra value service, free-of-cost.

User Registration

Customer will provide the Company with accurate information including their real name, valid email ID, and contact numbers during the registration process. Failure to comply will constitute a breach of the agreement. Customers cannot use the email address of other persons or pose as another entity with the intent to impersonate, or use the email address that violates intellectual property (IP) rights of other persons, or use a name that the Company deems offensive.

Credentials Disclosure

The customer acknowledges their right to use the Services offered by the Company is specific to the Customer only and cannot be transferred, leased, sub-licensed by any method to any other entity. Any attempt to do use is void and will constitute a breach of this agreement.

The customer will take necessary measures to ensure the privacy of their login credentials. In case of loss or unwarranted access by any other party, the Customer will promptly notify QuitALease via the contact email.

QuiteALease Obligations

QuitALease will display your listings on QuitALease.com, subject to the good standing of the listing. QuitALease reserves the right to accept, reject, remove, or if deemed, unfit, modify your listing for any reason.

Special listings are available to promote your listing, for a premium. This process is preceded by a pre-screening process. These are QuitALease’s sole responsibilities.

Note: The pre-screening process does not mean that the take-over client will be guaranteed to obtain approval from the leasing company as well. Your lease, until successful transference, is your responsibility. Whether the original lessee will be liable or not depends on the leasing company involved. However, most leasing companies entirely segregate the lease from its previous lessees. There are some companies who may take you as a guarantor. If the lease is transferred, it’s called “lease assumption,” but if the original lessee is still held liable, it’s then called “transfer of equity."

QuitALease will however try to expedite and enhance your lease exchange experience.

Lease transfer/termination requires the explicit approval of the listed financial institutions. The said institutions may also charge fees while transferring a lease. Paying such fees is solely your responsibility.

QuitALease serves as a marketplace and is not responsible for actual transactions between the two parties. The Company assumes no control over the quality or legality of assets hosted on QuitALease.com. QuitALease.com is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from the use of the website or any hyperlinked websites, including, without limitation, business interruption, loss of programs or data, and lost profits.

QuitALease.com cannot confirm the identity of every user on its platform. The Company expects the Customer to exercise due diligence while using the platform.

In case of any dispute between the user and other customers of the website resulting from the use of QuitALease, the Customer hereby releases the QuitALease employees, officers, and directors of any claims, suits, damages, causes of action, and demands arising from such a dispute.

By using this service, the customer also agrees to not take any endeavor which may undermine QuitALease’s work.

Contractual Obligations

You, the Customer, guarantee your listings are accurate and comply with all applicable laws. You guarantee your ethical conduct by using this site for leasing purposes.

If you choose to list your vehicle, you grant the Company authority to contact your finance company to verify your credentials. This may include the right to transfer the said lease vehicle, lease account info, find mail address, and check up on the progress of lease transfers.

The Services provided by the Company can be disrupted hence we do not guarantee continuous or secure access at all times. These disruptions are beyond our control.


Any claim regarding the Terms & Conditions will be settled in accordance with American Arbitration Association’s rules for commercial activities. You hereby consent to the state and federal courts in the State of New York. Any claim will be arbitrated on an individual basis and cannot be consolidated or merged with other claims.


QuitALease is a New York company. The Company makes no claim that the onsite content on the Site can be used for any country except the U.S. Access to some content may not be allowed in certain countries. This agreement is governed by internal substantive laws of the State of New York.

By using this service, you agree to these terms and conditions. Any alterations to this contract must be made in writing, signed by an authorized representative of QuitALease.