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QuitALease is the original marketplace for auto lease swapping where you can pick the best lease takeover deals and assume a car lease that perfectly suits your needs.
And coupled with the extensive listings is our experts' team who are always available to guide you through the lease takeover process. So start searching lease swapping deals right away and find a lease to take over in no time!
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648 For Months

44 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: 648
  • Months Remaining: 44
  • Offered by: Robert
  • Location: Birmingham
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Tesla Model

$486 For Months

26 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $486
  • Months Remaining: 26
  • Offered by: nabeel
  • Location: Saint Louis
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Kia SOUL Base Base 4dr Wagon 6A

$670 For Months

59 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $670
  • Months Remaining: 59
  • Offered by: Bailey
  • Location: Henderson
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GMC Terrain SLT

$681 For Months

44 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $681
  • Months Remaining: 44
  • Offered by: Alessia
  • Location: Rochester
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Acura RDX Advance Package

$888 For Months

39 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $888
  • Months Remaining: 39
  • Offered by: Artem
  • Location: West Linn
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Kia Sorento SX

$758 For Months

29 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $758
  • Months Remaining: 29
  • Offered by: danielle
  • Location: Stevensville
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Tesla Model X SUV

$1648 For Months

24291 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $1648
  • Months Remaining: 24291
  • Offered by: none
  • Location: Liberty Hill
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Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0T SE

$524 For Months

23 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $524
  • Months Remaining: 23
  • Offered by: Jangyeul
  • Location: Katy
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Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

578 For Months

25 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: 578
  • Months Remaining: 25
  • Offered by: Michael
  • Location: NESCONSET
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Porsche Macan S

$1009 For Months

31 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $1009
  • Months Remaining: 31
  • Offered by: Tristan
  • Location: Santa Monica
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Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan

1,293 For Months

17 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: 1,293
  • Months Remaining: 17
  • Offered by: Sameer
  • Location: Wayne
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Toyota Corolla LE LE 4dr Sedan 4A

$485 For Months

32 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $485
  • Months Remaining: 32
  • Offered by: Steven
  • Location: Lewes
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How does lease take over work with QuitALease?

QuitALease provides an indispensable marketplace for auto lease swapping where the right lease buyers are matched with the sellers. Once you have found the right person for Lease take over, it’s time for you to process and lock-in the deal.
For any kind of lease takeover, the entire procedure is nearly similar. However, where you place your ad for the lease means everything. When you sign up for QuitALease, your chances to take over someone’s car lease significantly go up due to our extensive sign ups and quality listings. Once you have found the right lessee to pick up a lease, it’s time for some paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I know I am eligible for a lease?
  • Your credit worthiness will be performed by the leasing company itself. However, it does require you to have a solid credit rating to take over a car lease from the leasing company. Typically, a credit score of 680 or higher is deemed as "Solid Credit".
  • Can I pick a leasing company of my choice during the lease takeover?
  • When you take over someone’s car lease, you are agreeing to take over the remainder of an existing lease. The original terms and conditions of the lease stay intact.
  • What are the benefits of taking over a lease?
  • Taking over an existing lease over a new one has multiple benefits. You get a vehicle with no down payment as it's already paid. Then, you get a vehicle with a low mileage which is another great reason to assume a car lease. The biggest advantage comes in the form of monthly payments because the lease payments in the first few years of the lease are always higher and gradually go down. So you get the benefits of a long term lease (like low monthly installments) but enjoy a relatively short-term lease. These all add up to some great reasons why you should take over a car lease.
  • How often is this website updated?
  • Every new listing on is updated in real time, so if a new vehicle is added by the seller, you will be able to see it immediately.
  • Why do I need QuitALease to take over a lease?
  • There are many benefits of using QuitALease. We are industry’s top marketplace where you can find some of the best lease swapping deals. And while anyone can list their vehicle on QuitALease (eligible individuals), we ensure that you get your hands on the best deals. Finding the right seller and that too at the right time is nearly impossible unless you have access to an online platform like QuitALease. Lastly, our quality listings can save you an enormous time too.
  • How long will it take for me to take over a lease?
  • It depends on the three different factors, mostly involving the lessee’s leasing company. The first factor is the credit decision process which is a standard, 24-48-hour practice. Then, there’s processing and documentation that could take further 3-5 business days. Lastly, you have to consider the mailing and turnaround period. All of this could take as less as a week and as much as 2 weeks.