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Ferrari California Base 2dr Convertible

$2334 For Months

24 months remaining

  • Lease Payment: $2334
  • Months Remaining: 24
  • Offered by: Jhon
  • Location: Long Island
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Ferrari Lease Deals – Go Wise, Save extra with!

If driving a Ferrari has always been your dream, it’s now possible to make it a reality. provide you an online platform where you can take over an existing Ferrari lease that’s up for transfer. According to a 2017 survey, 84.5 percent of the new cars acquired were financed, either with a lease or loan. And this also involves higher-end vehicles like Ferrari.

Ferrari Lease Takeover Vs. New Ferrari Lease

It’s worth mentioning that taking over a Ferrari lease is a lot better than leasing a new one from a dealer. When you take over someone’s existing lease, you get the added cost savings in many ways. Let’s hear them out.

No down payments, usually

To incentivize, many lessees use different means to make their lease more lucrative for the buyer. In most instance, the lease seller forgoes adjustment of the down payment to transfer their lease the earliest. When it comes to leasing a Ferrari, the down payment is usually hefty considering the high list price.

Shorter tenure

There’s no need to stick with your Ferrari for years. You could take over a lease with just a few months remaining on it.

The incentives aren’t there only in taking over a lease; the original lessees also get the benefit by not having to pay the termination fee, so it’s always a win-win when you sign up for

Don’t wait! Browser your favorite Ferrari cars today on before others. For any further queries or assistance, email us at