Hyundai Elantra Car Lease in Rochester Hills

You can lease this Hyundai Elantra Car Lease in Rochester Hills for $231 a month for 16 month ...

Vehicle Details

  • Vehicle Make : Hyundai
  • Vehicle Transmission : Automatic
  • Vehicle Mileage : 22,630 M
  • Assembly : N/A
  • Fuel Type : N/A
  • Fuel Efficiency : N/A
  • Vehicle Model : Elantra
  • Manufacturing Year : N/A
  • Condition :Used
  • Engine Power :N/A
  • Body Style : HatchBack

Lease Terms

  • Lease Start Date :23-01-2018
  • Lease-End Date :01-12-2019
  • Leasing Company : Contact Seller
  • Allowed Mileage :22,630 M
  • Mileage Per Month :0 M
  • Remaining Month : 16 Months

Vehicle Features

  • ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)
  • Keyless Entry System
  • Air Bags (Side Impact)
  • Rear Windshield Wiper
  • Air Bags (Front)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Roof Rack
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Satellite Radio
  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • Bluetooth
  • Child Seat Anchors
  • Steering Wheel Controls
  • Compact Disc (Single)
  • Power Locks
  • Exterior Temp Indicator
  • Fog Lights
  • Power Steering
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Power Windows
  • Heated Seats (Front)
  • iPod/MP3 Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Metallic Interior Trim
  • USB Port
  • Cargo Net
  • Fold Away Sideview Mirrors
  • iPod/MP3 Auxiliary Input
  • Split Folding Rear Seats
  • Cruise Control – Standard

Additional Information

  • Does the payment include sale tax?
  • Is the car garage kept

Seller’s Vehicle Description

You can lease this Hyundai Elantra Car Lease in Rochester Hills for $231 a month for 16 months. You can drive average 0 M per month for the balance of the lease or a total of 22,630 M through the end of the lease.


The vehicle is in excellent condition with up-to-date maintenance. No kids or pets. Non-smoking. No accidents. It was originally bought in Missouri, then moved to Michigan in November; has been garage stored in both states. Fuel Economy: *27 MPG Combined City/Hwy *24 MPG City *33 MPG Hwy As an added incentive, I'll offer the buyer either $250 cash or I will have the vehicle completely detailed, inside and out. We have an excellent detail shop in my hometown, here is what will be completed before your new vehicle arrives: COMPLETE DETAIL A full day “World Class Spa Treatment” that includes 6-9 hours of focused, professional cleaning and polishing by an experienced Detail Technician using specific tools, exclusive procedures, the expertise and passion to obtain our goal of making your vehicle look and feel like new again. Exterior Items - Meticulous and comprehensive hand wash of entire exterior surfaces including door jambs, hinges, weather-stripping, underside, wheel wells, exhaust tips, wheels, and tires. - Dry exterior with chamois, soft towels, and compressed air. - Hand rub exterior surfaces with a clay bar and special lubricating spray to exfoliate and remove surface contaminants. - Remove tar and road contaminants from lower body sections by hand with appropriate solvent. - Dual Action/ Orbital Polishing on all painted surfaces with foam pads to maximize gloss and eliminate “swirl marks”. - Remove polish with clean microfiber towels on foam orbital polisher pad. - Orbital application of carnauba paste wax for durability and enhanced gloss. - Touch up paint chips and small scratches with matching paint. - Inspect and “final detail” exterior using a soft cloth and finishing brush to remove last specks of polish or wax residue. Interior Items - Remove contents of all interior compartments to clean; console, glove box, door pockets, trunk, cargo area, etc. - Purge all carpeting of sand, dirt, and debris with a specialized high-pressure air gun and high suction, industrial vacuum. - Clean dashboard, steering wheel, vents, door panels, switches, knobs and all interior trim with protective cleaner, soft toothbrush, damp microfiber towels and compressed air. - Clean and condition all leather surfaces. - Presoak, scrub, shampoo & hot water soil extraction performed on all carpeting, cloth seats & floor mats. - Clean all windows, gauges, interior trim items, and chrome. - Spotless detailing of entire vehicle with special finishing brush & a soft cloth. - Dry interior surfaces with high volume turbo fan dryers.

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