Infiniti QX30 Car Lease in Flushing

You can lease this Infiniti QX30 Car Lease in Flushing for $299 a month for 617 months. Y ...

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Vehicle Details

  • Vehicle Make : Infiniti
  • Vehicle Transmission : Automatic
  • Vehicle Mileage : 0 M
  • Assembly : N/A
  • Fuel Type : N/A
  • Fuel Efficiency : N/A
  • Vehicle Model : QX30
  • Manufacturing Year : N/A
  • Condition :Used
  • Engine Power :N/A
  • Body Style : N/A

Lease Terms

  • Lease Start Date :23-01-2018
  • Lease-End Date :01-01-1970
  • Leasing Company : Contact Seller
  • Allowed Mileage :32,500 M
  • Mileage Per Month :903 M
  • Remaining Month : 617 Months

Additional Information

  • Does the payment include sale tax?
  • Is the car garage kept

Seller’s Vehicle Description

You can lease this Infiniti QX30 Car Lease in Flushing for $299 a month for 617 months. You can drive average 903 M per month for the balance of the lease or a total of 32,500 M through the end of the lease.


Please call Brad at (347) 494-1480 to lease this vehicle. Due at signing: - $0 Down payment - Inceptions due at signing (1st month's payment, taxes, tags, and bank fee).This may vary depending on your local taxes and registration fees. - Inventory Subject to availability and pricing applicable to all rebate qualifications. - Pricing valid ONLY for NY, NJ, CT, and PA. Other states may vary. - For Florida pricing, please call Mo 917-945-8518 ************************************************************************************************************* Delivery & Service: - Delivery arranged to your home or office for FREE in most cases. - Service your Infiniti at your local Infiniti dealership ************************************************************************************************************* Financing and Warranty info: - Financing through Infiniti . - Full Infiniti Manufacturer Warranty ************************************************************************************************************* Credit Requirements: - 690 Minimum score to qualify for this deal. - 600 Minimum score to be approved for a new lease at lowest tier level - Co-signers with excellent credit are also welcome ************************************************************************************************************* Our Normal Business Hours are: Sunday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday -Thursday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm Friday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturday CLOSED ************************************************************************************************************* Pictures for display purposes only

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