From Whom You Will Lease from?

People who aren’t familiar with the leasing concept have this belief they will lease their vehicle from a car dealer, but that isn’t true. It’s the leasing company or a bank that will lease the car to people. So when you agree to a lease, you are actually entering into a contract with a leasing firm or bank that offers the leasing program.

In case you don’t know, many auto manufacturers have their own leasing firms such as BMW Financial Services, Ford Motor Credit, and GMAC are a few companies that specialize in creating and offering financing programs for their own vehicles. It is highly likely when you see an advertisement for financing on a specific car, it is created by the auto maker’s financing firm in order to sell more of their vehicles.

Presenting you a potential lease payment plan doesn’t mean at all that the car dealer will lease you the car. It’s the leasing firm you will eventually lease the car from. The car dealers only sell the selected vehicle to the leasing firm which then leases it to you. Bear in mind, during the process the leasing company pays the dealer a commission for offering you the financing.

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