What to do if Lease payments are high?

If your lease payment is too high as compared to other comparable leases in the market, just buy down the effective payment to a potential lease buyer by offering to put cash into your deal. Just to sweeten the lease deal for a potential buyer, most lease sellers offer a few months payments in cash upon transferring the lease. As a lease seller, another powerful tactic is to reduce your monthly payment by offering the buyer a sum of the total money and calculating the savings across each monthly payment.

For instance, if you have 12 months left on your lease and your actual payment is $300, you could offer $1200 cash into the deal to bring the effective monthly payment down to $200. The buyer is going to make the original payment i.e. $300, but a seller can still market the vehicle as having a lower effective payment. This would resonate very well with a potential buyer.

If you want to make new buyers interested in your vehicle, the fastest way to do that is to reduce the effective monthly payment.

Customer Testimonials

Larry Mathews

A new but cool platform. Easy to filter searches and find a close match for the kind of car lease you are looking for. Found myself a great deal in a week. Thank you!

James King

It was easy to use the website. Took me some time to find the buyer for my car lease, but it was all worth it for all the money I have saved from not terminating my lease.

Alisa Barry

Just a week ago, I found out that lease transfer is a thing, and just about now, I have already found Quitalease and dropped off my car to the new lessee for my car lease.