Excessive Wear and Tear

Every lease contract requires that the leased vehicle be returned with no more than “normal wear and tear”. Many contracts specify and define what “normal” means in this case. Actually, the purpose of this section is to remind the user to take good care of the vehicle and keep it repaired and maintained.

Many people may back out of a lease option due to this part of the lease contract, especially if they are first-time leasers. These people think that the company will tooth comb the vehicle upon returning and may penalize them for minor dings and scrapes. But this is not the case. Most leasing companies are lenient and do not charge for normal dings and scratches.

Of course, an accident, a significant dent, or obvious paint damage should be repaired before you return the car. It is always economical to get the repairs done yourself if you do not want to be billed by the lease company.

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