Things to Keep in Mind When Negotiating Your Lease Assumption

Don’t be afraid or shy to negotiate your lease deal with the seller. In fact, many sellers are more willing to discuss the terms of the transaction than you expect.

Remember, a lease assumption is negotiable. However, you need to realize what is and is not negotiable. Negotiating a lease assumption with a seller is not that big of a deal. It can be done via email if you aren’t comfortable negotiating the deal in person or over the phone.

Essentially, it is irrational to ask the seller to offer you some sort of incentive if the deal is already below the market. But there is no harm in getting a month or two lease installment, a few hundred dollars or an aftermarket music system if the deal isn’t below the market.

The options are infinite, but the most important thing a potential buyer should keep in mind is it never hurts to ask. Below is a table that’ll help you decipher what is negotiable and what is not.

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