How to Transfer Your Lease with QuitALease?

Whether you are looking to lease a car for business or personal use, QuitALease has made lease swapping way too easy. Here is what you need to do.

Search Listings on QuitALease

View car lease takeover deals on QuitALease to get the details. The extensive listing on the website will improve your chances to secure to a deal.

Make an Offer

After going through the listing, pick the best lease takeover deals that meet your needs and make an offer to the seller by sending them a message via QuitALease. If the seller finds your offer suitable for transfer, they will respond to your offer.

Key Questions Every Buyer Asks

There are few key questions every other buyer asks before assuming the lease. Since, in most cases, the car isn’t readily available to review in person, so it’s usual for buyers to ask questions that can give them a good idea about the condition of the vehicle.

Apart from obtaining all the details regarding car condition, you also need to make sure you are not assuming something that isn’t true. Following are questions that are asked when a buyer connects with a seller:

  • What’s your vehicle’s true condition?
  • Are there any dents, dings or scratches on the car?
  • Are there any stains on the interior?
  • Are there any scratches or dings on the windows?
  • Does your car has a stale smoke smell in it?
  • Do you travel with your pets?
  • What’s your current odometer reading?
  • Does the listed monthly installment include taxes? Is it in any way differ from the original lease agreement?
  • Are your tires in good condition?
  • Did you mention all the features and options of the car in the ad?
  • Are there any excess mileage charges on the vehicle?
  • Is there a cash incentive on this vehicle? Are you paying a month’s payment or two?
  • Who will bear the shipping cost (if it applies)?
  • Would you pay cash to settle potential charges of excessive mileage?
  • Is it going to be a flat cash settlement?
  • Has this car ever been in an accident? If yes, can you provide an accident report?

Customer Testimonials

Larry Mathews

A new but cool platform. Easy to filter searches and find a close match for the kind of car lease you are looking for. Found myself a great deal in a week. Thank you!

James King

It was easy to use the website. Took me some time to find the buyer for my car lease, but it was all worth it for all the money I have saved from not terminating my lease.

Alisa Barry

Just a week ago, I found out that lease transfer is a thing, and just about now, I have already found Quitalease and dropped off my car to the new lessee for my car lease.