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How to Benchmark a Great Deal?

After you have done all your homework about the best car lease deal, how will you determine and make sure that the agreement in place is the best you could get? Just when you thought you have worked out the best deal and you are excited about your new vehicle, you find another deal that astray all your previous homework. So how to make sure that you have found the best deal?

The best way to find out what other people are getting is to see what other lease agreements have already been written. Of course, some of these contracts may not be the ideal or even bad leases to begin with, but they reflect the reality of what people are paying.

At Quitalease.com, we see a variety of in-market leases every month from every bank, dealer, and vehicle available. Typically, you will find different types of deals that sound best on the website. Sometimes a customer may put a lot of money down to get a lower lease payment, or a customer may trade in a vehicle that has a positive equity in it, or he may be offering own cash to subsidize the lease payment on the car. Regardless of how these deals occurred, these situations still represent available leases that are on the market. Often your best benchmark is to try to beat the lowest payment and terms on a similar vehicle.

Here are some of the resources that you may use to benchmark your deal:

  • Quitalease.com
  • Edmund’s True Market Value
  • Kelley’s Blue Book
  • eBay
  • Classifieds

But before you compare a deal, make sure that the deal you are comparing with has the same parameter as the other deal. The vehicle, terms, trim-level must be same to have the accurate comparisons.

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