What is NOT included in your car lease agreement?

Lease contracts do not specify the finance rate or money factor that you are paying. However, total finance charges (also called “lease/rent charge”) are required to be mentioned in this contract but not the rate that results in those charges.

You may also not see the lease acquisition fee as a separate line item in your lease agreement. This fee is usually added to the cost of the vehicle and included as part of Net Cap Cost. In some contracts, the lease company requires to pay this fee up-front in cash, so it is mentioned separately in the contract.

Your lease contract also not contains early termination details and amounts. Although your contract form explains the early termination process in general terms, it does not and cannot tell you what exactly you have to pay if you decide to terminate your contract early. The amount you will pay depends on a number of factors that will be calculated at the actual time of termination. These details can be provided by your lease company. However, keep in mind that the amount will be larger than you would have anticipated.

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