How to Prepare Yourself for the Vehicle Turn-In?

Before the end of your lease, if you are planning to turn in the vehicle then you must have it inspected by the dealership. This exercise will give you the time to determine what options do you have based on the vehicle repairs and drop-off.

To start with, schedule an appointment at the dealership to get an ‘end of the lease evaluation’. This may take several weeks. The dealership will inform you about the worth of the vehicle, your remaining financial obligations, and what are the available options. With this information, you can use and other sites to thoroughly inquire about the pros and cons of turning in your vehicle. It is worth mentioning here that you will save a good amount of money if you assume a lease.

When you are ready to turn in your vehicle, then it is always beneficial to touch-up the small scratches with ‘scratch remover’. This product is easily available in the auto repair section of a store. Doing so will spare you from the minor scratches and dent charges that a dealer may include in the assessment. There is another way to remove or conceal those scratches, you can also use a repair paint that often comes with the vehicle. But you have to be cautious about using a repair paint. If you don’t know how to use it, then you may end up doing more damage than repair.

In the end, check your vehicle for any personal possessions and belongings. Clean the vehicle so that it looks like it has been maintained with care. A neat looking vehicle may save you some money on some of the scratches.

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